Sax-Tiedemann’s professional staff understands what is important to families experiencing loss. It’s environment is designed to be open, fresh, bright and it’s set up to encourage community participation in the chapels. The modern technology of an electronic podium (for entering visitor information) and a large screen monitor are in the chapel, but in neither case does the technology overwhelm the fact that these chapels are designed, furnished and geared toward encouraging intimate communication and human interaction. The refreshment areas are equipped with everything a family needs for a moment away to refresh themselves.

All are welcome here. It’s clear in every way. Our staff is here to accommodate the needs and desires of different faiths, ethnicities, customs, as the most common human trait is to honor their loved ones who pass away. Everyone does this somehow, some way. The way your family tells us “how they would like to say good bye” is the way we proceed. It goes without saying that there is only one opportunity to get it right.